Flowers of the Week: 3.21.11

Spring has finally arrived and I couldn't be more thrilled!  Hooray for green grass, fresh blooms, warmer days, eating outside and longer nights.  It's funny how I feel like I hibernate once Winter starts.  Yet, with the arrival of Spring I am running for the front door...wanting to get out and explore. 

Another thing I love about Spring is all the petite flowers that bloom. Grape hyacinth (also known as Muscari), forget-me-knots, snowdrops and narcissus are all fabulous; only making their appearance once a year.  And what an appearance it is...
Flowers of the Week
I love the whole feel of this bouquet!  Like it was gathered on a morning walk and tied together with a pretty ribbon.  And the color is just gorgeous too.  Such a perfect bouquet to welcome Spring, no?

So are you as excited as I am about Spring? Oh, I hope so...as I have some lovely Spring things lined up for this week.  Here's to a great week here at LCW and where ever you are too!

~ Ciao

...images 1 & 2 photography (edited) by lisa warninger image 1 via frolic & image 2 via project wedding


  1. grape hyacinths are some of my faves!!! they remind me of my childhood when i used to pluck the "petals" off and put them on individual blades of grass to make mini flowers :)

  2. such a pretty farm fresh spring bundle!!! makes me smile! :)

  3. How pretty are these photos? I love the combo of the flowers with the green gingham!!