Bunny Marshmallows

*First, let me just preface that this is kind of a random post*  I am not one to buy all the pre-packaged holiday sweets and what-not!  I would much rather prefer to do something different like make or create something...so typically me right?  Anyhow, I ran to Target (the place where my money flies out of my purse as soon as I step foot in the door on who knows what...example coming very soon) the other day to pick up some much needed contact solution (a tax write-off...for next year of course) only to be enticed to have a look around.  Go figure.  As I am sure you already know, I found a couple of other things that I did not need.  However, in looking in the Spring section I ran across bunny marshmallows, and thought that I really need to put together an Easter basket for my favorite baby girl (my sister's daughter)!  I love to find all kinds of cute little things (toys, games, t-shirt, socks...I'm a huge sock buyer for some reason...etc...) with just one or two sweets for her.

While I know my sissy is not huge on filling an Easter basket full to the brim with candy for her, I couldn't help but think that she would absolutely be fine with bunny marshmallow.  Don't get me wrong my sissy lets my niece have a little something sweet everyday or almost everyday, but she is so good about not going overboard with it.  Yes, my niece is one of those 4 year olds that can stand in line at the grocery store, right next to the candy section and not ask for one thing!  I was shocked the first time I witnessed it...granted she looked but didn't ask.  So when we got  into the car I said that I couldn't believe that she didn't ask for something...and Cole (my sissy) said she never does...and never has really.  So I know she's doing something right!  Actually a lot of things right!!!

Okay, totally got a tad bit sidetracked - so back to what I meant to talk about...bunny marshmallows...because we all know how totally important those are right?  He he :-)  Goodness gracious do you think I can stay focused today? 

For the third time - Yes, I purchased the bunny marshmallows thinking that they would be cute to put in my niece's Easter basket.  While I have made homemade marshmallows in the past, I think the store bought ones would travel better to Florida for Easter.  (Of course, I will be buying a new bag when I send them.)  Yet, I wouldn't send the bag so I had to come up with a cute way to package them.  Which then got me thinking that they also might be a super simple, cute and fun favor idea (to include in a treat bag or at each place setting or something...) to use at a Spring bridal shower or wedding...the whole point of this post!  Anyhow, here is a simple way I thought was cute...
I have to admit that the bunnies are cute!  I love when the simplest things are in a nice package don't you?  It makes them better somehow doesn't it?

Hopefully my niece is going to think they are extra special bunny marshmallow because they are packaged so pretty.  I have to add a note on the paper inside, at the top, that says:  "Some bunny loves you".  Hey she's four, I can be corny ;-)  Anyhow, just thought I would share how I get sidetracked and throw together a photo shoot together at midnight...ha ha!  Now I need to find lots of other little goodies to go with them.

~ Ciao

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  1. seriously, you never cease to amaze me!! so talented!!

  2. Before I tell you that I might have to "borrow" this idea for my own niece & nephew's easter basket. I need to point out that your opening about Target was like you were reading my mind.
    Why is it that we can never go in and pick up 1 thing? {I'm the girl who says that I don't need a cart & half way in, my arms are filled with items} anyways great post Kristi!!

    ps I'm "borrowing" "Some bunny loves you" too

  3. hehe... those are def so cute :) I'm sure she will love them!!! good idea!

  4. This is such an adorable post! Too cute and funny! I have a 7 year old sister and this post just reminded me that I need to get her some easter goodies!

  5. Um I knew I loved you but to hear that you have the same experience in Target that I have, makes me think we are soul mates! I LOVE Target- I go there to de-stress, just to wander around, and always spend at least $50.

  6. What a totally disarming post! Don't have to feel guilty about treating your niece to sugary treats once in a while. Those marshmallow bunnies ARE adorable!

  7. You're so funny!!! And those bunnies are just too cute!! Better start thinking about my nieces too... might follow Chris and steal your bunny quote!!

  8. Can i just say that I need Target here in Portugal!!! The bunnies are so cute, they would be perfect as wedding favors for children!!
    Great post!!

  9. Just adorable! I can't believe we are nearing Easter. This spring is already flying by!