Tuesday Shoesday # 13: Strapped In

Happy first day of March.  That means there are only 19 more days left until the first day of Spring - woohoo!  Can you tell I'm excited for warmer weather?  Can't wait to be able to wear cute Spring shoes.  Not only would these be a wonderful option for your wedding day, you could wear them any day or every day if you'd like...
Tuesday Shoesday
Tuesday Shoesday
How fabulous are all the straps and the braided detail?  Do you know how tall I would be wearing these?  They have a 1.5 inch platform and a 5.5 inch heel!  Yowza, I think I would be approaching the 6'4" mark in these beauties.  Alexander McQueen sure did get it right - with just a tad touch of boho - with these don't you think?

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  1. ooh la la! those would look so pretty on feeties!

  2. Those are high! My mom would love those!

  3. Oh my! those are such gorgeous shoes. i agree with you, i cant wait till spring finally starts! I am too excited!!!

    I am now following your blog =) I would be more than happy if you were to do the same. Thanks and hope you enjoy my blog too!


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  4. the heel is crazy high but they are HOTTTTTT!

  5. Gosh those are high!! Maybe in my younger years!!