Late Night Snack: Mini Waffles with Butter and Honey

Okay, so by now I think you know that I am a HUGE fan of serving a late night snack to guests at weddings.  And if you didn't already know, now you do!  I mean, why send your guests home hungry?  And after a night of dancing, and one or two (or more) cocktails a late night snack is just what they need!

So how about serving up some of these as a late night snack option...
Late Night Snack
Mini waffles with butter and honey - yes please!!!  I'm sure that you guests will go home happy and full.  Such a sweet way to the end the night, no?

Have an amazing weekend my dears!  Hope you are doing something fun.  Me - I am heading to the Oakland White Elephant Sale on Saturday to see if I can score any fabulous finds.  Wish me luck ;-)  See you back here on Sunday for some sweetness.

~ Ciao

...image via mowielicious


  1. i am a bog an of late-night snacks at weddings!!! breakfast is a brilliant idea!

  2. ohhhh that sounds delicious. that would make a fantastic dinner! i remember this one time my great-grandma - who was always a NUT about veggies and nutrition - gave us waffles and ice cream for dinner. MMM.

  3. I need, I want - the gluten free version that is! ;). Happy Friday!!

  4. What a sweet idea -- literally, of course, but also thinking of guests going home happy! Have a great time white elephant shopping!

  5. This is delicious!!!! (in more ways than one!)

  6. Positively scrumptious! Have a fabulous weekend, dear! {A}

  7. oooooooooooooooommgeeeeeeeeee!! that looks so good and its a great idea too!