Tuesday Shoesday #17: Rose Gold

Metallic mania?  Wanna join in?  You can easily do so in these Brian Atwood Maniac pumps...
Tuesday Shoesday
Granted I would love to wear these for a wedding event, possibly with this...
Tuesday Shoesday Fashion
Just look at the details...
Tuesday Shoesday Fashion
Matthew Williamson's embellished linen-blend skirt would be fabulous for a rehearsal dinner, a bridal shower, or to take on your honeymoon...granted you might have to take out a loan for this one...but a girl can dream...or look for something similar with a more reasonable price tag!

P.S. - So I swear I found these shoes and uploaded them on March 18th, and when I went to net-a-porter to have a look-see last night, I found the skirt and thought they would look fabulous with the shoes.  Yet, if you look at the pictures of the skirt it is paired with a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes...so I clicked below in the wear with section on the Christian Louboutin shoes to get a better view (not to feature here), and it said they were no longer available.  Then I went back to the skirt, and the Brian Atwood shoes are what showed up!  A sign that I was right along? I think so ;-)  Just made me feel good knowing it was a great match up.  Just had to let you know so you didn't think I copied the look right from net-a-porter!

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...image via net-a-porter


  1. beautiful shoes...but i completely LOVE that skirt! great picks, lady!

  2. This is definitely a look I want! That skirt is amazing!

  3. The shoes are so pretty and fun! the details on the skirt are amazing! I love your PS! :) You are always smart when it comes to putting things together!

  4. wow! i love them both. i would so rock them. :)

  5. omg! those shoes, that skirt...i love them both!!