Tuesday Thought: Flower Frogs #2 - Pen/Pencil Holder

Another Tuesday, another Tuesday Thought!  A couple of weeks ago I did a Tuesday Thought post that showed you how you can use a flower frog as a straw holder.  If you didn't see the post, you can click here to have a look-see.  I also told you in that post that I would show you one way a month, over the next couple of months, on other ways to use flower frogs...well today is another way! 

Even though I have a collection of flower frogs, I used the same one that I used for a straw holder for this next use too.  And the next use being a pen/pencil holder...
Tuesday Thought
The reason I used the same flower frog in this example, is that this is the exact flower frog that resides on my desk (of course with some other pens, a sharpie, paintbrushes and scissors...yep it holds them all)!

However, I would love to see these used at more weddings to hold pens/pencils/markers, etc... for your guests to sign in with.  Such a pretty way to display the pens versus just laying them down or in one of "those" (you know what I am talking about here) pen holders!  And for a couple of dollars you have a unique and pretty pen holder!  There are so many varieties of flower frogs out there with a variety of hole sizes, so if you decide to use this idea at your wedding, just make sure that the pens/pencils/markers fit in the holes. 

P.S. - Or you could just by one for yourself to use on your desk like me ;-)

~ Ciao

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  1. Another great idea! You are so right, sometimes we just put the pens on the table... This way is def more fun!!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. those flower frogs are 100x better than those "other" pen holders ;)

  3. It really is a great piece for many ideas! :)

  4. Such a great idea and not often thought of! Love it. Have a great weekend!