Tuesday Thought: Name Change

Wow, what a morning this has been!  I feel like I have spent an entire day working already and it's only 10:45 am...how does that happen?  And yet again, I am late getting this second post up as well...but I have been very productive this morning, and have accomplished bunches of things. 

The first thing I wanted to get accomplished today was opening my Etsy store for Over The Moon.  And I can proudly say that is done.  So - CHECK!  You can see my new, totally empty store right here...OTM Handcrafted...which brings me to the title of this post. 

Since I started LCW, I have always called the items I crafted homemade.  However, I have continued to call things 'homemade' because that is what I started with...but I have been wanting to call things handcrafted for ages now.  So I finally decided to make the change!  From here on out all my 'Homemade' posts will be called 'Handcrafted'...and I just wanted to share that with you, so I don't confuse everyone ;-)   Which I am sure I did, and will with this!

And yes, I know my store is currently empty - but I spent the majority of yesterday photographing most of my handcrafted items for the store.  I plan on working this week getting everything uploaded to Etsy, and should have everything completed by Monday, August 22nd.

I have lots of new items that will be added to the store that you have not seen yet, like these fabric covered letters, which will be available in the shop later today...
Cute, no? 

I can do ANY letters in ANY fabric - either that you choose, or I choose for you. I am selling these by letter - so you can spell out anything you'd like. The letters are covered with fabric pieces, it is NOT decoupaged on...so you can actually feel the fabric. All orders are custom and made once the order is placed. But all the details will be on Etsy. Eeks, can't wait to get everything up for you to see ;-)

So be sure to be ready to check it all out once I announce the 'Grand Opening' of OTM Handcrafted ;-) 

P.S. - I still have a shop for Luna and Chloe on Etsy as well, and I will be sharing what I am doing with that in the next week or so as well!  Think OTM as vintage, and LCW as a bit more glam.  Along with another shop you will be able to find OTM vintage rentals, and handcrafted items in.  See...I've been a very busy, busy girl ;-)

~ Ciao

...handcrafted fabric covered letters & photography by over the moon vintage rentals (aka me!)


  1. These look great...can't wait to see more!

  2. I love "handcrafted"-you are a talent, after all! Can't wait to see everything you add to the shop!

  3. Handcrafted is the perfect description. Looking forward to seeing what you add!

  4. You have been crazy busy.... have you actually had time to eat and sleep?