Getting Ready to Celebrate

Loves, so sorry for my late post today.  I was working with my fabulously amazing programmer, Otis of Example 7 on Over The Moon's website.  And let me tell you - I can't wait for the LAUNCH on MONDAY.  Over The Moon Vintage Rentals is going live at 7 a.m.!!!  So be ready for a little breakfast celebration - which will have lots of...
And even more...
The Cocktail Hour
The perfect way to celebrate, no?  See you on Sunday for some Sweetness, and then on Monday to celebrate.  Until then loves, wishing you the most wonderful weekend!

~ Cheers & Ciao

...images via wedding style guide


  1. can't WAIT, kristi. it's going to be beautiful, i'm positive.

  2. I'm so excited to see it! i'll be celebrating with some french toast and sparkles for you!