Flowers of the Week: 8.15.11

Wishing you a wonderful Monday morning my dears!  I can't tell you how excited I am that today is Monday...I know, crazy right?  Usually I don't want Monday's to come, but today is special.  Why, you ask?  Well today I get to see the first look of Over The Moon Vintage Rentals' website!  Eeks...I can't wait to see it all. 

Carolynn of Two Brunettes is AH.MAZING to not only work with, but her designs are OVER THE MOON!  Talk about one uber talented lady ;-)  If you are looking for a designer, than trust me, you MUST contact Carolynn.  She is super easy to work with, listens, cares, is patient and is so helpful.  Yet, I must also tell you my programmer, Otis of Example 7, is AH.MAZING as well!  He communicates every step of the way, and  is just so dang helpful that you almost have to pinch yourself to believe how helpful he really is.  He truly cares - which I think is hard to find these days.  I can't tell you how wonderful this whole process has been, and I believe it's because I am working with two of the BEST people in the industry! THANK YOU both to the moon and back, and for being so fabulously you ;-)

So this week's 'Flowers of the Week' are a little thank you to Carolynn and Otis for all of their hard work!  Have a look-see at this SPECTACULAR bouquet...
Flowers of the Week
You bet your buttons this bouquet had to be spectacular ;-)  Gorgeous, no?  Oh I am so loving the poppies!  The colors are stunning, and you know I love the unstructredness of it.  I am seriously smitten with this one my dears.  Hope you are too.

I am getting back on track, and starting to feel like me again ;-)  I have something up my sleeve, and have a meeting this morning about it - hope to be able to share with you soon...as I am super duper excited about it.  Here's to a wonderful week!

~ Ciao

...image via wedding style guide


  1. That is a really lovely bouquet...
    p.s. Hope your meeting went well :)

  2. super summery and lovely, Kristi!