Happy Sweet Weekend

Wishing you darlings a fabulously sweet weekend!  May you enjoy the summer sunshine and sundaes with friends this weekend :-)  Because before we know it Fall will be upon us.  Eeks - that's kind of a scary thought, no?

And because I am all about the details - I thought I would share this absolutely perfect sundae topping holder to hold all of your yummy topping choices...
Oh, and you bet your buttons I love the sugar filled hearts.  It's a fabulous filler to hold up those signs ;-) And perfectly sweet too, no? 

I'm off to get some rest - as I feel a cold sneaking up on me ;-(  I do not like summer colds or sicknesses!  So I hope to fend it off...with a sundae of course.  Hehe...that will definitely make me feel better.  And if for some reason that doesn't work - Aunt Millie's 'meat and potato' (with veggies and salad too) dinner and homemade peach cobbler (that is AMAZING) with the family on Sunday will do the trick for sure. 

See you on Sunday loves for some sweetness...hopefully by then I will be feeling tip top again.

~ Ciao

...photography by jose villa via style me pretty


  1. That is such a creative presentation! I love it!

  2. sweet details... yummy :) I believe we should simplify our lives, but not completely as without details life would not be so beautiful. :)