Homemade: Labels

Hi loves!  Happy Thursday to you.  Aren't you thrilled it's Thursday?  Goodness knows I am.  And I can't wait for the weekend...because for the first time in weeks, I get the opportunity to sleep in.  And let me tell you, I think I deserve it.  I was up on Monday at 4:15 am to take my sister and her family to the airport, and then on Wednesday at 3:55 am to take my mom to the airport.  I think they just like to torture me getting up that early, as usually I am going to bed not too soon before that!  So nothing like going to be at 1:00 am and then waking up at 3:55 am!  Granted, I came home and crawled back in bed but it's never the same as sleeping straight through the night, is it?  And I am not a good sleeper to begin with.  Never have been.  Anyhoo, enough rambling...just wanted you to know how excited I am at the opportunity to sleep in ;-)  Hopefully you too get to sleep in this weekend!

Okay, so on with this post.  Have I told you that I really want to sign up for a sewing class that is taking place at the end of this month?  I just haven't had the opportunity to do so yet.  I had a fabulous sewing machine once, and used to know how to use it...but it was stolen when all my stuff was stolen and I haven't touched one since.  So I thought it would be good for me to take a beginners class to learn the basics all over again, and on the latest machines...as last time I was self taught!

One of the reasons I wanted to take this class was because I had a specific project in mind that I wanted to do.  And of course while my project has something to do with moons (hehe) and other things, these strawberry mason jar labels I just happened to stumble across a matter of minutes ago are kind of along the same lines...
So stay tuned my dears - I am going to sign up for the class at the end of the month, and will hopefully be able to share my special project with you sometime not to long after that!  Well, that is if it all works out ;-)

In the mean time, you just might want to pick up some of these labels, as they are just too dang cute!  How cute would they be on favors of homemade strawberry jam?  And they have tomato ones too!  I'm thinking homemade salsa for those ;-)  Yet, you know me...they would make DARLING escort cards - with your guests name on the first line, and table number on the second...hint, hint!
~ Ciao

...image via terrain


  1. My fiancee an I have been wanting to take advantage of the numerous sewing classes for young people in SF but haven't had the free time. However, this makes me want to go alone! Strawberry mason jar labels?? I'm obsessed

  2. Super cute!! My first business was sewing... I used to make pyjamas and sell them!! I could pretty much sew anything... haven't for years now though!!

  3. Glad you'll finally get some sleep tonight-very well deserved! And this sewing class sounds wonderful! My mother is an incredible seamstress, but I never had the patience for her to teach me!