Guest Post: Postcards & Pretties

Hi!!! Chris from Postcards & Pretties here and I'm delighted to guest post on LCW while Kristi is out enjoying some quality time with her family. Today's board was inspired by my all-time destination crush, ITALY!!  I wanted to steer clear of the typical vineyard theme usually associated with Italy and focus my inspiration from another Italian beverage...cappuccino. Just the word alone is romantic...right? The soft color palette is warm and inviting just like the beverage itself and when accompanied with some pistachio panetonne, it makes for one delicious pairing. 
{colors} cappuccino, pistachio, cream
{photos} bouquet {martha stewart weddings} cappuccino {evan's kitchen ramblings} bicycle {torie jayne} sunhat {the cinderella project} stacked books & bottles, kraft place setting {design sponge} long veil {emilie gerard via oncewed} potted plant {jose villa} miniature panetonne {martha stewart weddings}  pleated skirt {elle}


  1. Love every detail! One day, Italy...one day.

  2. sweet theme. one of my all time favorite color palettes!

    xoxo, chrissy
    The Perfect Palette

  3. What a divine board... I want to live in it!!