I Spy With My Little Eye...

...in the Utterly Engaged Issue No. 16...
Utterly Engaged Issue 16
...the Fizz and Frills event feature starting on page 104...
...Over The Moon Handcrafted's table with pieces from Over The Moon Vintage Rentals on page 107...
Oh my goodness, I was over the moon to see my table featured!  (And yes Chris, I did the kangaroo hop - hehe)  So do you lovelies see me back there behind my table?  You can see my hair and forehead just under the tissue paper pom poms ;-)  Golly do I do camouflage well!

Over The Moon Vintage Rentals is also mention on page 108, and there are two more pictures of my items on page 109.  And of course, I am in the way back in the group picture on page 114...just above Henny!

I had such an AMAZING time at this event!  I can't wait for another pop up shop to pop up so I can partake in it again.  I met some amazing people that day - Henny, Lucia, Hazel, Wilmarose, Summer, Danni, and Emarie just to name a few were all so lovely.  They truly were a pleasure to meet and talk to, and I look forward to the possibility and/or opportunity to talk to them all again one day.  Thank you all for taking the time to chat with me, your sweet comments and making my experience just fabulous!  Mwah.

~ Ciao

...images via utterly engaged


  1. Well done you! Good to see your fabulous stuff out and about :)

  2. yay how lovely and exciting! good job! and it all looks so pretty! :) x

  3. Whoohoo! nice feature, Kristi!!! I think I did the kangaroo hop when I came across your table. LOL

    It looks so good!! Keep the prettiness coming!!

  4. it looks amazing! great job! love it all :)

  5. Your space was GORGEOUS!!! I just want to fill my rooms with your creations! I'm doing an office re-do, head down to Az and get to work!:)