LCW Style: Feathers in Your Hair

It's funny how sometimes I get on a kick with something without really trying.  Does this ever happen to you?  Goodness,  please say yes ;-)...at least to make me feel better!  Anyhow, on Tuesday I posted shoes and a cake with feathers, then on Wednesday a tepee with feathers...and all week I have been seeing feathers everywhere.

And tonight I found a few fabulous feathers for your hair that I just had to share!  I know I have posted about Twigs & Honey before, but never ones with feathers.  I gotta say I just L-O-V-E Myra's creations.  Am I a fan - HUGE one ;-)  Have a look-see, and I am sure you'll be one too...
How's that for a feather cascade?  Gorgeous, isn't it?  Just as gorgeous as this flapper inspired headband...
OMGoodness, since I am not getting married anytime soon, I think I just might have to be a flapper for Halloween this year, just so I can wear this headband! 

I think these have to be some of the prettiest feathers for your hair I have ever seen.  And I can't wait to see what Myra creates for the 2012 collection - you know it's going to be amazing!

~ Ciao

...photography by elizabeth messina via twigs & honey

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