Flowers of the Week: 8.29.11

Good golly - tell me it isn't so...there is absolutely no way possible that this is the last Monday in August!  Eeks, maybe I should be posting Fall flowers this week.  No, I am not ready yet...so it is just gonna have to wait until next Monday, when it is actually September and a bit closer to Fall.  Yes, that seems more appropriate, doesn't it?  However, I sure do have some pretty ones coming next week ;-)

And since I am NOT posting Fall flowers today, how about this swoonworthy bouquet to remind us how spectacular Summer really is...
So soft and pretty.  I love the textures in this bouquet too.  And you know those tendrils that spring out from the top, and even the one below by her bracet, well I love them!  I know some might not, but I oh so do.

Hope this adds some pretty to your Monday.  Wishing you a great one my dears!

~ Ciao

...photography by jen huang via ruffled


  1. I'm loving those pretty tendrils too!! Super sweet!!

  2. Oh my WORD that bouquet!!! Love love love.

  3. You're right, I can't believe August is coming to an end.

    The free forming bouquet is gorgeous! love how soft it looks.