Handcrafted: Crocheted Bunting

Happy Thursday my dears!  There is so much going on here at LCW and OTMVR that I can barely see straight ;-)  I am starting to repeat myself, getting totally sidetracked and will be in the middle of something and forget what I was doing...I'm keep telling myself that it's just because I am so busy, and not that I am old - HA!  I think I will just keep telling myself that no matter what.  Oh but wait....gotta switch the laundry first. 

(Jeopardy! think music plays here to fill the space.)

Okay, I'm back.  Well I need clean sheets, no?  I swear I always sleep better on clean sheets, don't you agree?  Love clean sheets.   Anyhoo, enough about me losing it and my laundry, and on with this post already.

For this first week of 'Handcrafted' I thought it would be fitting to share with you my handcrafted crocheted bunting.  I ADORE this bunting!  Have a look-see...
I sell this bunting in my Over The Moon Handcrafted Etsy store.  I also offer it up with painted wooden letters attached so you could spell things out like names, just married, sweets, love, welcome, etc...  Each flag measures 7 1/4" tall and 9" wide at top of flag, so they are fairly decent size.  I need to get another picture of it hanging up so everyone can see how darling it really is!

Actually, this is the only item in my store that I do not make myself.  My super creative and oh so talented mom makes this crocheted bunting for me.  And it can be made in any yarn color that you want!

Also, I will be adding some rectangular shaped crocheted bunting to my Etsy store as well.  And that I make.  I however can only make squares...for now.  I've always known how to make squares, yet I am gonna learn how to do triangles...I am! ;-)

P.S. - It is sooooo perfectly sweet for a baby shower or a babies room...as it's nice and soft.  And for the record, I don't have time to watch TV these days...besides Bachelor Pad - hey don't judge! 

~ Ciao

...concept, design, styling, handcrafted & photographed by over the moon vintage rentals


  1. This is entirely too cute! What a beautiful piece of work!

  2. Beautiful! Perfect bunting for a rustic wedding!

  3. You crack me up-clean sheets always help me sleep well, too! And there's no judgement here on Bachelor Pad-John calls it F*ck House and we both love it!

  4. I LOVE this!! And your Etsy store looks AMAZING!!! Love the fabric you've chosen for all the images... which are truly fab by the way!!

  5. Adorable find! I love bunting!

  6. love love LOVE! ...and I TOTALLY agree... clean sheets make rub your legs as you snuggle your blankets and let out a deep sigh after you breath in the freshness!

    hugs! Kim @ Love you better