Tuesday Thought: Cocktails and Confetti and Centerpieces - Oh My

Hooray for Tuesday!  Gotta tell you that I am super-duper excited that it's Tuesday today.  Why, you ask?  Well because I might possibly get to see an option or two for LCW's new look today...weeeeeee.  Now that Over The Moon Vintage Rentals' website is up and running, I can focus on LCW's new look.  I know Carolynn of Two Brunettes is going to creating some amazingness for me ;-)  She did it once with OTMVR, and she'll do it again with LCW! 

And with the new look will be some new news.  No, not Luna and Chloe Handcrafted on Etsy - that is happening later this week.  This is never before been said news.  And you know what, I am really looking forward to having everything done and all news said, and moving forward with business as usual.  Because you are probably getting tired of me talking about all of it!  I'm kinda getting tired of talking about it too...and just want to get working!  As I told Aunt Millie the other day:  "The pots not brewing, it boiling!.  And it's about ready to boil over!"  Ha ;-)

Okay, enough of that and on with this week's 'Tuesday Thought' which is all about confetti!  Why confetti?  Well first because confetti is just down right fun.  And second, because I am in the process of making something kind of, but not really, similar to this 'Tuesday Thought' for my Luna and Chloe Handcrafted Etsy store...which I will share with you on Thursday.  Anyhoo, I ran across this cute confetti made from paint strips on The Bride's Guide...
Then I saw this picture...
And thought:  Why not add a little fun and color to the each table by just adding some confetti, as above.  I don't know if it was just styled like this for the picture or not, but I do love the idea of having it on each table.  ***Keep in mind though loves, that if you are going to use paint strips they are only colored on one side, so the backside must be on the table.

Or better yet, have a confetti centerpiece!  A different apothecary jar (I have bunches of them for rent on OTMVR...even though only two are on the site currently) on each table, filled with colorful confetti would be a great cost effective centerpiece option if handcrafted.  Just make sure the paper you are using is two sided.  I am not saying the jars have to be filled to the top here - just about 1/3 the way up would be perfect.  And if you use larger punches, like above, it wouldn't be too much work with some help from friends or family.  I would suggest hosting a 'Cocktail and Confetti' party!  Now tell me that doesn't sound like fun?

Hmmm...just might get my girls to help me...hehe!  Happy Tuesday loves - hope it's a good one.

~ Ciao

...images via the bride's guide (1st image edited)


  1. Oh my, I love it! So simple but makes a big impact!

  2. Confetti is so fun! It just brings out the kid in me.

    I have a feeling that Carolynn will do an incredible job on LCW like she did for OTMVR!

  3. GORGEOUS--I love the confetti! It's so much fun, and these particular colors are just so juicy and delicious.