~ homemade: table numbers part II ~

Okay so here we go with part II...I love, love, love this! 

Project #3
For this project I used a wood round, a drill press, a number that I printed out and cut out, and an embroidery needle and some thread.  First I printed out #and an 8 onto paper, and then cut them out.  I then placed them on the wood and used a push pin to mark spots into the wood every so often.  Next I used a pencil to make the pin marks darker and more visible to see.  (I forgot to take pics of these steps...blonde moment I think...but if you'd like leave a comment and I can send you step by step instructions.) And then Mr. Big went across the street to Bob's to use his drill press - be safe here! 
We don't have a drill press (yet), but I am sure that someone you know does...dad, brother, uncle, guy across the street or friend and would be willing to help out or let you use it. Anyway, this is what it looks like with the holes drilled in... 
I placed the # and 8 higher on the wood to leave room at the bottom to style.  Finally, I used a large needle and some thread and stiched the holes so it looked like this...
How cute are the gingham rosettes I made?  Love them...
But then I started thinking...I have to style them differently, becuase there are so many ways to do so...and this is what I came up with...
How cute are those mini olive oils and balsamic vinegar bottles?  Found them at Cost Plus, and love them...
The dirt patch in the back of this last picture is where the fountain is going...oooohh can't wait!!!  And I HAD to include this last picture for Chris at Postcards and Pretties, just love her and her amazing blog...
Told you I'd share!!  Now I'm hungry for some bread, aren't you?  Well, I have one more project and then you (and I) can go grab some!

Project #4
This final project is like the one above, but I wanted to show you that with a little imagination, a drill press and some colored thread you can create some wonderful things!  Here is one I that I saw that I loved...
To create the owl I just used an image I liked and then created my own outline on a piece of paper.  I placed the outline on top of the wood and used the pushpin to mark spots every so often.  And again went back over with a pencil to make the spots easy for Mr. Big to see while he was drilling. I kept the colors fallish...but would be sooo cute with brighter colors too!

I think these would be adorable instead of using table numbers...I would have an owl table, a squirrel, an acorn, a deer, some fall leaves...just use the same animal outline on the escort cards!

But how cute would they be with bride and groom printed on them and hung on the back of their chairs.  Or with initials, date, words, etc...  Go on, get creative!!!

Finally...that's all folks!

~ Ciao

...photography by me


  1. stitching on wood!! are you kidding me ...i love that ...especially love the owl

  2. WHOA - crafty cool at its best! (Kim @BrideGoggles)

  3. WOW... love love love!!! These are so cute, such a clever idea!!!

  4. OMG - you are crazy crafty! These are awesome! AND cute :)

  5. HOLY MOLY!!! You are the DIY queen.... these are simply fabulous and so are you!! xx