~ pump day #4: jade & carrot ~

Are two fabulous color options for Via Spiga's malibu d'orsy peralized patent pump!  If you are looking for something with a classic, or more traditional style, but still with a little something extra (the pop of color) these might be a great option for you.   Which would you choose?  Jade...
Pump Day
Or carrot...
Pump Day
Yet, they also come in black and platinum...so many choices.  All I know is that either one would be comfortable to wear as the heel isn't at a towering height...even though the higher the better in my book!  And with a price under $200.00 they would be comfortable on the budget as well! 

P.S. - This is my attempt to remember that not everyone loves sky high heels  like me.  So every now and then I will be mixing it up with some lower options, at a reasonable price!  

~ Ciao

...images via nordstorms

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