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Some people have no problem determing their style...while others aren't quite sure exactly what style they like best!  So here is your Tuesday Thought on how to determine your style:  Find pictures you love, it doesn't matter exactly what the picture is of...it's the feel that it evokes in you, the colors that draw you in, and things that make you say "Oh, I love..." 

This is why inspiration boards are so inspiring...they evoke an overall feel with a certain color palette.  But remember, as you see in some inspiration boards, it doesn't have to be wedding pictures only!  For example...I look at this room and say "Oh, I love the vintage charm, the colors, the warmth of the fireplace (imagine it lit), the pops of gold that add a little bit of glamour...
...the botantical prints, the worn wood, the bottle collection, the desk, the mismatched chairs, the natural elements, the use of outdoor lighting (flanking the fireplace above and built in below), and the surprise element of metal tubs in the living space...all so my style!
And with not one wedding picture in site.  How could this room translate into a wedding?  Let's start with this bouquet...
Perfect don't you think?  Organized randomness is what I like to call it.  It has warmth from the velvet ribbon, as well as pops of gold and glamour...all in the overall color palette of the room.  I would continue on with flower filled bottles on linen runners on the table, each table would be a different botantical print, a vintage desk to have your guest write you notes, metal tubs filled with wood, blankets or drinks, outdoor lanterns lighting the space, mismatched chairs, etc... 

Can you see it?  I sure hope you can.  It goes to show that YOU can create an entire wedding around one, two (or more) pictures that you love.  This is how I look at a lot of pictures.  I ask myself how it would translate into a wedding...try it...it's quite fun!  And after a couple times you just might get a tad addicted!  Just a couple thoughts for you this Tuesday...hope it was a good one for you!

~ Ciao

...image 1 & 2 via trouvais, 3 via martha stewart weddings

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