~ flowers of the week: 9.6.10 ~

Welcome to the first Monday in September!  I am so sorry for my early, unexplained departure last week.  It all started when my mom missed her flight on Wednesday, and the next flight out was on Thursday...so there went my Wednesday working on Thursday's homemade post!  And on Thursday I thought I would have all day Friday to work on my blog and hang out on Twitter...well those plans were changed once Mr. Big decided to take the day off!  You see, between a birthday party on Saturday and another party on Sunday we pretty much tore up one side of the backyard...and once we started on Friday we pretty much worked in the backyard all weekend long!  I do have to say that the shed has been repainted, all soil has been overturned, a lemon tree planted and today we are off to look at fountains and plants...so my long weekend of rest and relaxation has turned into a weekend of hard, manual labor...which is sooo worth the end result - a pretty backyard!  I hope you all enjoyed your long holiday weekend!  And please tell me that you got some R&R...I'm hoping someone did!

I am rambling...sorry.  Back to the Flowers of the Week which are all about simple stems in blue Ball jars...
Flowers of the Week
When grouped together, like below, make me swoon...
Flowers of the Week
Stunning aren't they?  And of course I have to mention the handful of jars with candles in them...love!  I can only image how a.maz.ing they would look at night!  This collection of blue Ball jars puts mine to shame...I guess I need to start adding to mine!

~ Ciao

...images via style me pretty

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  1. Love mason jars period but in that blue...spectacular!!