~ tuesday thought: twinkle toes ~

I can't really believe that I am posting this!  I will post...as long as no one makes fun of my feet.  I have LARGE feet - they measure a size 11, but because they are narrow I wear a 10 most of the time.  Also having the second toe longer than the first is supposedly a sign of intelligence...not saying that I am super smart or anything! 

Okay, now on to what I am trying to tell you.  I have, yes I admit it, been getting the same pedicure for 8 years!  Yes, I said same and 8 years.  The thing is that I get compliments on my toes ALL the time!  So here is your Tuesday Thought:  Get a french pedicure with some bling for your big day (or just cause you deserve it!)...
Twinkle Toes
The addition of little crystals just below the white tip makes your tootsies sparkle (without being overdone or gaudy...classic, sophisticated with a little fun is how I think of them) when the light hits just right!  I obviously love the way it looks, and since I just got a pedicure yesterday (on my play day) I figured now would probably be the best time to show you!  I know, pretty brave of me to put a picture of my long toes up on the web!  At least that is what I am telling myself in order to get through this post!  I am hoping that my AMAZING black patent Burberry's (a Christmas present from Mr. Big last year) make up for my funny looking feet!  Here these babies are...
Pretty fabulous (the shoes that is), no?  Well maybe if I wasn't leaning forward so much making my feet look all wrinkled and trying not to sink in the grass!  But these little jewels have a platform and 5 inch heels...making me about 6'2" in them...yes, the taller the better in my book.  Anyhoo, give the french pedi with bling a try (if you haven't already)...guaranteed you will LOVE it!

~ Ciao

...photography by my Mr. Big  


  1. lol omg your so my twin..
    large feet {check}
    french pedicure {check}

    btw - those shoes are FIERCE!

  2. LOL..OK so Chris is our other sister...I guess I won't be sharing your shoes but I do love the french manicure and those shoes!!!!!!!Hot!!!!

  3. French pedi is my standard as well... wow we all have something in common, if not our locations!! Standard size feet but long toes for sure, and second toe def longer!! Now that we have done a foot rundown I feel that much closer to you all!! Now if only I could have an inch or two of your height!! xx