~ gifts: welcome basket ~

I think we can all agree that welcome baskets are not only fun to get, but FUN to give!  How about welcoming your guests like this...
Everything they would need to have a little picnic.  And those artichokes (LOVE them, as my family used to grow them here in Cali)...I would wine grill them and place in a lovely container with some aioli!   The flowers are such a lovely touch.  I would include some flowers that are going to be in the wedding as a little preview of what to expect!  So warm and welcoming, don't you think?  So much so your guest just might not want to leave!!!

~ Ciao

...image via apartment #34


  1. OMG this is perfection!!! I just LOVE welcome baskets, bags, etc.

  2. It would totally make my day to receive something so thoughtful!!!

  3. It has everything you need for a perfect little date night. OK I have that on the brain! Sorry!! xoxo