~ happy weekend & a special treat ~

Hello my dears!  I hope that everyone has a fabulous weekend.  Me, I plan on getting a couple things accomplished this weekend...but I am taking Monday off just for me!  I plan on sleeping in...
Getting a mani and a pedi, doing some shopping, enjoying a nice lunch outside, and then taking a little nap...
Sounds heavenly doesn't it?  Ooooh, I can't wait.

However, I do have a super special treat for you...the lovely and sweet Chris from Postcards & Pretties is guest posting for me!!  I can't wait for you to see the fabulous fall inspiration she has created!  So I know you are in amazing hands on Monday!  I'll be back on Tuesday refreshed and ready to blog, blog, blog!!

~ Ciao

...images via stylist twig hutchinson


  1. that sounds perfect... I need a day like that... so hard when you work from home! Looking forward to Chris's post... I'm sure it will be 'amazeballs' (to quote the Knotty bride) - love that saying!
    Enjoy xo

  2. Enjoy! ...and please enjoy some for us, too!