Tuesday Thought: Shades of Purple

I have a tendency to shy away from purple.  You see it is my mom's favorite color, and I think I had purple overload while growing up!  But, when I saw these pictures I knew I just had to share them with you.  What I love about this tabletop are all the shades of purple that are used - from lavender to a much deeper, darker shade...
The tabletop is simple, but elegant with the duponi silk tablecloth and napkins.  And the flowers follow the same theme.
And I L-O-V-E this wedding cake!  The simple design on each tier, topped off with some fresh flowers is so my style.
I think I am losing my shyness to purple!  But don't just stop at purple...every color has a variety of shades - it would be so pretty in yellows, oranges, blues, etc...  How about picking one color for your wedding and using a variety of shades of just that color?  Just a thought!

~ Ciao

...images via wedding style guide

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