Tuesday Thought: Garden-in-a-Bag

Now this is a great and eco-friendly idea...
Wedding Favors

My initial thoughts was what cute favors these would make.  And these are favors that your guests acutally might use...because no finding dirt, a pot and then having to plant.  Not me of course...because I love to garden!  But then my brain kicked in, and I was thinking that these would make wonderful simple centerpieces!  I would use a variety of herbs for each table, or you could do just one.  Or a variety of flowers, and again you could do just one.  But they would be perfect for a backyard garden wedding or a eco-friendly wedding.  The plants are grown in bags - so no mess or fuss.  Just arrange some on a table with some other decorations and you would be set.  Potting Shed Creations are the maker of these wonderful little bags.  They have so much more to offer and items to choose from on their website, so please be sure to stop by.  Also, the thing that sold me...they are customizable!  You could put something as you initials or "where love grows."  Just a thought!

~ Ciao

...images via potting shed creations

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  1. love this idea! I could have tied this in with my post! =)