DIY: Herb Centerpieces

So last week I did a post on herb centerpieces, which you can see here, and gave you some ideas on how to use them.  One of them being...planting them in a colander.  I also said that I would put something together for you.  Well I did just that.  Granted this is just a mock-up, quick, thrown together kinda thing...but I still think that the overall idea is great! Here is what I put together yesterday for you...
How'd I do it you ask?  Grabbed a colander, lined it with some plastic wrap (so the dirt doesn't fall through the holes), added some dirt and herbs.  Literally it took me about five minutes once I had the plants.  But I couldn't just take a picture of the colander...too plain and boring.  I added some nasturtium leaves and flowers from the yard (the flowers are edible), a couple of empty pimento jars with tea lights in them, a wooden #1 that I attached to a card using spray adhesive...which I then placed in a flower frog to hold.  I did purchase a burlap kinda thing that came on a roll that ended up working out perfectly even though you can't really see to much of it.  But I didn't stop there...I added some nasturtium to the back of an OLD chair from the garage and just let the leaves trail down it...
I love the overall look of this chair.  Of course, keep in mind this is a mock-up.  Didn't spend but 5 minutes grabbing the leaves and flowers and attaching them.  I created a couple of items such as a favor idea, a couple different chandelier options, and changed some elements...like the table number (not loving it in the pictures, even though it looked cute on the table)...and have plenty more pictures of details (like the plates)...but this post would be huge...so be on the lookout over the next week or so for more pictures!  I'll leave you with one more picture...
So what do you think? 

~ Ciao

...photography by me

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  1. Love this! Great idea!! It looks so good for being so simple! The flowers on the chair so perfect too!