Book Boxes

With so many weddings these days incorporating vintage items, I ran across one other item from Wisteria that I just had to share.  Check out these book boxes, which open up for storage...
They come in two and three book stacks and in the colors above.  Now I know that they may seem pricey ($49 for a stack of 3) , especially when you can find great vintage books for a couple of dollars each depending on where you get them (or even free if you borrow them from friends and family), but I would use one of these book boxes to hold notes from guests.  Have guests write you a wish, thought, quip...and place them inside.  When the reception is over, you can place your book boxes in your home, and have all the notes from your guests in one spot.  Talk about good reading!

P.S. - Use the other two to hold extra items like pictures, your save the dates, invitation, decor or small details from your wedding...you get the idea.
~ Ciao

...images via wisteria

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