Tuesday Thought: Seeing Stripes

I have been on a black, white and chartreuse kick this week - hence this post!  I am going to ask you to stretch your imagination here, so bear with me.  How fabulous would a backdrop like this be at your wedding?  I know you are probably thinking - Yikes!  I was too, until I really started to see the possibilities.  The black and white stripe is pretty fabulous, though a little busy for me.  But, think of just the two of you at the head table with a backdrop like this, or one that fits your wedding.  Are you thinking?
Good - because now you can imagine it with any type of table, flowers, material, color, pattern, design, or even monogram.  See the possibilities?  And they don't end there - later on move out the table and chairs, and it becomes a great backdrop for a photobooth!  Or use it as the backdrop at your ceremony.  Remember, it can be easily made with some plywood, hinges and paint or material, and can fit your theme and colors.  Just a thought!

~ Ciao

...image via homes and gardens

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