Flowers of the Week 3.22.10

Happy Spring!  Now this is a way to start the week...
Flowers, Wedding
...with a gorgeous centerpiece!  I love the hot pink flowers draped over the sides, the softness and colors of the flowers, the mercury glass votives in silver and pink and the branches - casual elegance is how I would describe it, and me likey a lot.  Below is another arrangement from the same wedding - it's a little different then the one above, but still gorgeous.  And how about those crystals draped over the branch, and hanging in the background?  There is that bling and glamour I need.
Flowers of the Week
How's that for some Monday morning inspiration?  Have a great day!

~ Ciao

...photography visionari


  1. The top centerpiece is gorgeous! I LOVE it!

  2. Wow, both are gorgeous! Wish I could go to a perfectly styled wedding like that!

  3. oh love these table tops! beautiful flowers!