On the Table: DIY Herbs

Well, since I have been on a green kick this week - I figure why not continue!  I love to cook, and I love herbs...so how about herb centerpieces?
It's an easy DIY and low cost option.  All you need are dirt, herbs and some small containers (you can get really creative with the containers).  Also, I like the fact that you can give them away as gifts to a couple lucky people at each table, or favors for that matter!  Or you could do one big arrangement with a cute stake with the table number on it.  I'm thinking a large strainer (with the inside lined of course, plastic wrap would work) filled with herbs!  Strainers come in all kinds of colors, or better yet buy inexpensive ones and spary paint to match your colors.  Or have each table be a different herb.  I think you see that there are lots of options.  Anyhow, it is perfect for a chef, someone that loves to cook or a couple that just loves food. 

P.S. - I'll make up a large strainer and take some pictures for you.  I'll post them next week!  So keep your eye out.

~ Ciao

...photo emma mitchell

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