~ tuesday thought: starry night ~

I am in love with the inside of this tent...
Not only are the chandeliers spectacular...but the stars are making me swoon!  Love, love, love.  Wouldn't this be a great idea to do inside your tent?  Granted this picture is pretty glam, but no matter what the theme or style of your reception this idea would work.  And if stars aren't your thing...then choose something that is (this is where you can get really creative).  Yet, here is your Tuesday Thought...even if you aren't having a tent wedding...why not string up some stars over your reception location?  String them between trees, or from poles over the dance floor to add just a little something special!  And one last thing...how dreamy would they be if you attached them to fishing line a couple inches apart (which makes them look like they are floating) and created a backdrop for your photobooth...just an extra little thought for you today.

~ Ciao

...photography bonnie tsang

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