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I will tell you right now, that I want playing cards at my wedding as one (I have a couple in mind) of my favors!  Hey, I'm a Texas Hold Em' and a Progressive Rummy playing girl.  And I have to say these are some of the cutest I have seen...
Wedding Favors
I am sure you have seen stationer Eunice's wedding in Martha Stewart.  She is the creator of Hello! Lucky, and colloborated with textile artist, Joel Dewberry, to design these personal cards.  Don't you love how whimsy they are?  Just like her entire wedding, which you can see here.  And with the help of my brother, who is an amazing artist, I think I could create some wonderful, very personal cards as well!  I am including the picture below (as it is a great diagram) so you can see how the box is made.
Wedding Favors
And they still have some cards left that they are selling on their website...so click on over and pick some up.  Maybe you will be dealt a winning hand!

~ Ciao

...images via hello! lucky and martha stewart

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