~ tuesday thought: custom photobooth ~

OMG - this is so adorable...I am just dying! How fun would it be to have this photobooth at your wedding?
love love love via going to the chapel wedding photobooth idea
A couple of 2x4's, some plywood, vintage wallpaper and pictures, and a couple of empty frames and you're on your way to a custom, made by you (or with the help of some friends) photobooth!  Another thought would be to use fabric to cover your plywood.  Or you could paint it.  How about painting a scene on it?  You could make one and then change the front by tacking fabric over.  However, I really love the vintage wall paper...but I could see pinning things on to it too...like flowers, hearts, notes from guests...  All just thoughts, but the possibilities are endless!  And I just love, love, love possibilities!

~ Ciao

...image via red photo co.


  1. Love this - I really want a photobooth but afraid it's something I have to scratch. Too many other projects in the works.

  2. Love this idea, VERY cute!