~ who says... ~

...you can't have a surfboard at your wedding?
Who Says...
Especially one with your names and wedding date on it!  Love the personal detail!  I am also adoring the simplicity of the lace tied to sticks below.  So easy to make, and great for any location!  But what gets me is how pretty are they blowing in the breeze.  Love when there is movement...
And if you remember, last week I had posted a boat with lace sails(which you can see here), well you could image how thrilled I was to find these pictures last night!  Lace by the water - absolutely!

P.S. -  I am on my way to Florida today, to see my new little nephew for the first time.  I will try and post everyday...but it is vacation!  Anyhow, don't be surprised if you see more beachy type of posts in the next week or so...I'm sure I will have lots of inspiration!

~ Ciao

...image via hatch creative studio

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  1. I saw a couple use a surf board as the sign in for guests and thought it was such a great idea