flowers of the week ~ 4.5.10 ~

After last weeks button bouquet, I thought I would soften things up this week...and boy is this arrangement doing it for me today...
Flowers of the Week
Natural, loose, soft and the colors - stunning.  I have to tell you that I am a casual, loose, flowing bouquet kinda girl...there - I admit it!  But, that doesn't mean I can't appreciate and love more formal and elegant styles too!  So don't fear my more formal gals, because I will share (as I hope I have done in the past) a variety of flower styles.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend.  I can tell you that this was the best Easter ever, as my sister made me an Auntie of an almost 10lb baby boy on Friday night!  I couldn't think of a more perfect Easter present - oh yes, I am proud!  Happy Monday. 

~ Ciao

...image via wedding style guide

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