~ TENTastic ~

Okay, so I know some of the lights are out and the perfectionist in me was saying:  "you can't post this picture, the lights aren't perfect."  But what is perfect is the overall look of this tent...
I love the lights strung on the top and outside.  And I really love how you can see the panels through the tent..they're beckoning me to come and take a closer look, because I really am dying to see what it looks like on the inside!  So if you are having a tent wedding, and it fits in your budget...why not add pretty panels of material to the inside?  It doesn't have to be on all sides, you could do two or just the side behind the head table and it would add a pretty backdrop versus the plain white tent walls.  I would look for bulk, discounted material for this type of project to get the best bang for your buck!  And go on, string some lights on the outside too...I only ask one thing...please just make sure all the lights work!

~ Ciao

...photography chris tubbs

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