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Happy Friday lovelies!  So if you have been following my blog for awhile now, you might remember that I was once married.  At the time I lived in a small town in Iowa (long story), and since everyone was coming from afar for the wedding and having to stay in a hotel, I decided that the morning after the wedding that I'd host a big breakfast at my house for all of the out of town guests!  I wanted to thank them for all coming to take part in my big day, and send them off with a full belly!  I think back now and ask myself:  "What were you thinking asking 50+ people to the house the following morning?"  But I have to tell you...it really was one of the best things I did!  It was so fun to have everyone together to talk about the wedding and details...things that I am sure I would have never heard about if it wasn't for the breakfast.  So you can imagine when I saw this pancake breakfast photo shoot I was head over heels in love...
Granted my day after breakfast did have some decorations...like flowers from the wedding, but what fun it would be to actually have a theme and decorate for this event!  And these decorations are so sweet in my book.
Nothing to over done here.  Simple flowers, fun colors and retro touches...all under a tree (you know how I feel about being under a tree after yesterdays post), in a park is the perfect way to thank your guests!  And how adorable are these flags in the mini pancakes...
I love the fun touches of the syrup dispenser with the pink lid!
And nothing like a pink retro radio to add to the decor.
A variety of flavored syrups, shows the attention to the details that was put into this breakfast.
Super cute, don't you think?  Granted you don't have to have all the guests (or 50+ like me).  You could have just the bridal party, and a couple of other important family members!  And if you love the idea, but don't want another task added to your list...see if a family member or one of your bridesmaids would be up to the task of setting it up (note - not paying for it).  I know that if I was ever asked, I would say:  "Absolutely!" 

P.S. - If you would like to see more pictures of this pancake breakfast click here

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...images via design*sponge

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