~ beach grass + moss ~

As I mentioned last week in my ~ swamp thing ~ post on luna and chloe (my other blog), I love the moss that hangs from the trees in Florida.  And with being at the beach yesterday and seeing the grass...I knew the combo would be very cool!  So you could imagine my surprise when I found this picture yesterday with the jar on the left filled with both (granted it's not the tree hanging moss, but it is very similar)...
What a great combination the two make!  And I love that it pulls in green as opposed to blue, which is always used with beach weddings.  Simple, sophistication is what I would call this combo...especially when used as centerpieces.  The moss in the jar on the right would be perfect for a woodland, rustic wedding when combined with some other elements...twigs, mushrooms, etc...  And the jars can be found just about anywhere...Target is where I got mine.  And after the wedding the jars are great to have on hand!  I have filled mine with everything from sangria, cookies, utensils, soap...really anything!

~ Ciao

...image ethan ollie found via forget me knot weddings, via frenchie & flea

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