~ tuesday thought: cake plates ~

Happy Tuesday me dears!  I honestly did not think that I was going to get this post done...as today has been crazy busy and I didn't get home from JJ's (Mr. Big's daughter) singing recital until almost 10 pm.  Then I had to buy my plane ticket to Florida, get everything organized for this post, and take pictures - whew!  It's late Monday night, early Tuesday morning and you will see that my pictures reflect the lateness...as I am tired!  But a happy tired ;-)

Yet, I did want to show you a couples of ways to decorate cake plates. I am sure you have seen some of these before, but at the end I'm giving you a little sneak peek at my Winter Warmth photoshoot that I am working on!  Since it was so late when I got started, you will notice double sided tape in the pictures!  I did not want to use a glue gun or Elmer's glue for this project as I was quickly replacing the decor.  However, a glue gun, Elmer's glue or even double sided tape works great (as long as you trim the tape so you don't see like in my pictures!)  So with all of that, let's get started shall we?  Up first some vintage lace...
Simple and pretty as above, or with a pop of color below...
Pom-pom's always look cute hanging from a cake plate...
Add a touch of bling with some crystals hanging from ribbon...
Or get a little sexy and glam with some thick black lace...
One of the simplest ways to add a color is with some ribbon...
And for the vintage lovers out there you can decorate with some vintage book pages...
Who doesn't love a little sparkle?  It can be added quickly and easily with some glittered letters...
One of my favorite ways is to add some bunting flags...
And to dress it up a bit, just add a small rosette...
Finally, a little sneak peek from my Winter Warmth photoshoot I am working on - wool yarn...
Alternating colors wrapped around the base of the cake plate and tied in back, or you could turn it around and use the ties in front...
Looks nice and cozy doesn't it?  So there you have it...just a couple ways to decorate cake plates.  Trust me, there are soooo many more ways to decorate with...such as twine, rope, rick rack, material, words, flowers, vines, etc...  Just remember - if using doubled sided tape, just make sure it doesn't show like mine above.  Again, my apologies for that!

I just have to ask...do you have a fave?  Or other ideas?  

Hope you enjoyed this Tuesday Thought.  If you would like me to do a post around one of your thoughts...just let me know, and I will see what I can come up with! 

~ Ciao

...concept, design & photography by me


  1. You are such a creative person Kristi!!!!! I love the one with the bunting flags.. but all of them are just perfect for every occasion possible!
    Great post sweetie!

  2. I think you have another thing you can make for my wedding :)
    you=amazing. always. Constant source of inspiration!

  3. You never fail to inspire - I had no idea so much could be done with a simple cake plate!

  4. I love them all! If I had to chose it would be
    the vintage books and the sparkle! What a wonderful post! Great ideas...Thank you!

    Flora Doora

  5. my jaw just dropped w/ all the prettiness! the pompoms & white lace are my fave!!
    eek!! i cant wait to see your winter warmth shoot.

  6. Kristi...this is such a great idea! I love them all but my favorite is the black lace. Gorgeous! Oh and the bunting is perfect!

  7. yarn wrapped base??!?! can't wait for the whole shoot! love these :)

  8. You've outdone yourself! This is amazing. I'm seriously loving the black lace, the vintage book pages, the glittered letters and the bunting!

  9. I have a whole new love and respect for cake plates because of this post! An awesome round up of pretty, pretty cake plates (and ideas)! The glittered letters, the crystal bling, the vintage book pages, and the lace were by far my favorites!

  10. Kristi... these are incredible!!! Love the pompoms, they're soo cute!! But I'm now super excited about your winter shoot cause that cake stand with the yarn is perfect!!

  11. Cute:) I like the yarn wrapping and the bunting!

  12. I kept scrolling down and thinking - oh I like this one, no no this one! Oh no this one! Seriously Kristi!! Stop having so amazing ideas. My DIY brain is overloaded by your awesomeness :D This is really cool! All of them but if I REALLY had to have a favourite: the book or the pompoms!!

  13. OMG and a half.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! can't even handle it.

  14. Way too cute! Loving the pom poms and book pages!! Sheet music would be lovely! Wonderful post!

  15. You guys are just the BEST EVER!!! Thank you so very much for all your super sweet words! It motivates me to create...just for you ;-)