~ tuesday thought: hats ~

So we have seen lots of weddings that offer their guests parasols right?  Well how about this for your Tuesday Thought:  Why not offer your guests hats instead?
It will still keep the sun off their faces, but is something a little different!  I just love this line up of pretty baskets filled with hats.  Obviously, this would be fitting for a rustic, farm or ranch wedding...but just switch out the style of hat for one that is more fitting for your theme!  How about big floppy hats for a garden or beach wedding?  Ooh that would be so cute, don't you think?

Maybe I am a little bias, as I am a hat lover...but love that it is something new.  Just think how cute your pictures will be.  And better yet, make it part of the favors for guests to take home!

And if you haven't see the super cute hat post for guys by my lovely friend, Chris over at Postcards and Pretties today, be sure to check it out!  Lots of great options for the guys!

~ Ciao

...image via sarah klassen


  1. I love it! Keep my brown sugar from becoming molasses!

  2. Now... this is a great idea, Kristi!

  3. love it!! a floppy hate for a garden wedding...YES!! thanks for the shout out my dear!

  4. Oh, yes. Love the idea of hats for a beachy wedding. Especially if it's a destination one! Fab post!

  5. this is too great! and cowboy hats for a rustic barn affair!

  6. I love hats! And this idea! It would make for an incredible picture!