~ flowers of the week: 11.8.10 ~

Good Monday morning my dears!  Did everyone have a wonderful weekend?  I sure do hope so.

I have to tell you that last Thursday night while I was on Twitter my lovely and super sweet friend Kate of Ruby and Willow (Invitation Design & Stationery), and Magnolia Rouge (her fabulous blog), sent out a tweet that she picked up some beautiful pink peonies for her new home.  Well of course I asked her to take a picture and share.  Her response:  "ask and you shall receive"!  And take a look at the gorgeousness that I received...
Flowers of the Week
Gorgeous, no?  And how cute is she adding a little styling to the picture?  Oh, I LOVE it!  And the picture itself is just spectacular.  Sometimes with flowers this stunning a simple arrangement is all that is needed.  And these would make beautiful centerpieces!  All of this wonderfulness she shared with me...well I just had to share with you too.  Mwah to Kate for sharing with us all.

Looking forward to another great week here at LCW.  I have been working on some of my own Tuesday Thoughts for you, as well as a homemade project with pictures, and lots of other goodness.  And if that's not enough, some changes are coming soon!

~ Ciao

...photography by Kate of Ruby and Willow & Magnolia Rouge


  1. isn't kate the best?? i heart her and her gorgeous peonies.
    cant wait to hear about the new changes!

  2. Great picture and absolutely adorable of her to style it!! I am jealous of people who just have peonies in their yard!

  3. oh how sweet is that! love her photo and peonies are always the perfect start to a week!

  4. So sweet. This photo makes me happy! {A}

  5. When I saw that picture last week,I thought the same. How Kate just didn't send you a picture, she created one. You know!? Surrounded by inspiring ladies, I tell ya.

  6. This is gorgeous and from Kate's garden...lovely!