~ tuesday thought: boxed up ~

It's Tuesday again, and that means time for another Tuesday Thought.  With being under the weather for the last week, I did not have the energy to do my own little photoshoot for you, but thought this was a cute and easy idea to share with you all.  One of my favorite blogs is What Katie Ate.  If you haven't been there yet, you should take a look-see.  It is full of delicious recipes, and gorgeous pictures.  I'm always inspired when I visit.  Today I was inspired by her cookies.  We all love a great cookie, no?  Well how about these macadamia, hazelnut, ginger and chocolate cookies...
Tuesday Thought
Ummm, yes please and thank you.  Definitely better than your typical chocolate chip cookie I think, and something kinda special.

So here is your Tuesday Thought:  Display, or give as gifts/favors , your sweets in a pretty wooden box (I believe this was a cocoa bean box, but can't read the writing on it)...
Tuesday Thought
Even if these were your typical chocolate chip cookies they would seem extra special if displayed or given like this.  Taking it one step further - you can display a handful of sweets on the dessert table this way.  How pretty would a couple of these boxes, or similar ones, look on a dessert table?  I can just picture them lined up...  And I adore the bright blue color of the box with the color of the cookies - a great color palette.
Tuesday Thought
If you would like to make these cookies, then here is the recipe...
Tuesday Thought
I think I am going to have to make these soon!

You know LCW is all about the details - and it's little details like this that I'm over the moon about!  Simple - yes.  Easily overlooked - lots of times.  But when noticed, makes an impression - absolutely!  This is one of the easiest ways to add details to your event - take the ordinary (or something special) and display it in a new way...hmmm this one little detail has me thinking of lots of ideas...how pretty would flower arrangements be in it?  Or silverware at a more casual event?  Or escort cards? Or they would be great on each table filled just the way they are...

I need to give a little shout out to Mr. Big as it is his birthday today.  So Happy Birthday hottie!  143 to the moon and back!  Mwah xoxo 

~ Ciao

...images via what katie ate


  1. those cookies look out of this world good and packaged up so pretty make them even better!!

    Happy Birthday to Mr. Big!!

    Hope your feeling better! xo

  2. I Love that blog too! :) these look delicious and they apule be perfect as a favor!
    Happy birthday to Mr. Big !!!