~ details: gettin hitched ~

Vintage bikes have become so popular these days - popping up all over engagement shoots and at weddings!  It's funny to think that 10 years ago when I was married, my bike was at my wedding with a sign on the back that said "Just Married".  You see, not only was my bike a birthday present from my then boyfriend - he sent me on a scavenger hunt that involved me riding my bike to find him...and when I did he proposed. 

Excuse me while I apologize to Mr. Big, as I don't really like talking about my wedding with my ex in front of him, and I know he reads my posts everyday!  So I am sorry honey...1.4.3!!!  Okay, thank you. 

Anyhow, I like the use of bikes at weddings or engagement shoots...especially if they have meaning behind them!  So when I ran across these two pictures of an engagement shoot, photographed by the talented Jackie Wonders,  I feel in love with the "Gettin Hitched" sign!  Here have a look-see...
Not only is the sign adorable for an engagement shoot, but the details are fabulous!  The style is fitting for the vintage bikes, the little (from what I can tell) lace detail around each card and the black rickrack just capture the whole vintage feel.
Perfection don't you think?

~ Ciao

...photography by jackie wonders


  1. Love vintage bikes...I also that you say 1 4 3 to Mr. Big - I say that to Mr. C too!!

  2. Perfection indeed!!! Great find Kristi!!!

  3. super cute!!
    vintage bikes + weddings never get old

  4. yeah I'm still loving the bike thing and these are so cute!!! Love that Mr Big reads your blog.... I had to sit down with Jon to make sure he knew I even wrote one then he went to work and showed the boys!!