~ flowers of the week: 11.1.10 ~

Happy first day of November!  Gosh, can you believe it...November?  I know I can't quite believe it either.  And with today being the first day of November I probably should be posting flowers that are a little more fitting for Fall or Winter...but I had to post the ones below from my photoshoot that I did for my guest post for my lovely friend Kate's inspiring blog, Magnolia Rouge...
I absolutely adored how they turned out.  I love arranging flowers, and the way that the arrangements turned out, reminded me that I should do it more often!  I only used a handful of flowers...with the main ones being white hydrangeas, pale peach roses, lambs ear and millet. 

Hope everyone had a sweet Halloween.  I am looking forward to another great week here at LCW, and my homemade post for Thursday.

Two little notes:
1.  To my boyfriend, Mr. Big - Happy 3rd Anniversary!!!! 1.4.3 to the moon and back.  Mwah!
2.  Happy Birthday (well it was on Saturday) to one of my favorite people, Chris of Postcards & Pretties!  I heart you!

~ Ciao

...photography by me


  1. You have a gift my friend!! Those flowers are gorgeous!! Please keep them coming!!

    Super Happy Anniversary to you & Mr. Big!!

    Thanks for the Birthday shout out!! xoxo

  2. I absolutely LOVE this, Kristi! Such a gorgeous job. You are so frikin' talented, babycakes! :)

  3. ... I'm feeling really bad right now... i didn't know today was your 3 year anniversary... HAPPY BIRTHDAY you two!! ....and second Chris birthday was on Saturday and i didn't knew.... I'm literally on tears right now....
    Oh and I do love the flowers.

  4. I would so love these in my new home right now!!!