Sweet Friday

Eeek...so sorry this is so late in getting up.  However, it has been such a sweet week here on LCW - that I thought I should share some sweetness with you!  I am OVER THE MOON - not only with this cake...
...but the with details and styling as well!
The vintage metal stand, the cake plates, the lace, the candlesticks, and even the candles lit on the stairs are all just sweet perfection!  And a great way to end a great week.

Thank you my dears for making it a good one.  Wishing you all a perfectly sweet weekend!  See you Monday.

~ Ciao

...photography by the always amazing jose villa via style me pretty


  1. I just knew this was Jose Villa before I even checked the bottom of the post. :)
    The colors in his pictures are just so amazing! I could look at Jose Villa images for the rest of my life and die happy!
    Great Friday pics!

  2. adorable...i love that stand...the whole table is beautiful!

  3. Lauren is right...Jose's work is spectacular! I can also see this as a wonderful inspiration for one of your handmade series. Wishing you a sweet weekend my dear friend!

  4. GORGEOUS. I love this cake and the stand, it's gorgeous!!

  5. This is so yummy and gorgeous. Love the antique metals and the candelabras...stunning!

  6. Oh that is absolute perfection!!! As are the images!

  7. you can never go wrong with Jose Villa