Flowers of the Week: 1.24.11

Did you think I forgot?  No, I just had some news that I needed to get out before this.  Besides, how could anyone forget a bouquet as gorgeous as this...
Flowers of the Week
No matter what angle you look at it - it is fabulous! And just to let you know - this bouquet has been added to my favorites list.  I have a feeling that this list is going to be really, really big this year!!  Hope you're having a lovely Monday.  And if not - hopefully this bouquet will brighten your day ;-)

~ Ciao

...photography jose villa via style me pretty


  1. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. i love that bouquet.

  2. those are BEAUTIFUL! i love the softness and the colors...

  3. Ahh...this is just too beautiful! It makes me happy. {A}

  4. So pretty!! Have been looking for flower inspiration like this for my wedding so glad I found your blog today!!