~ remember to ~

...take a moment on your wedding day that is just for you and your new husband.  Maybe a short walk, sitting in a special spot, or even maybe it's curled up right here...
...in a fantastic spot that is for the both of you - to chat about becoming husband and wife, reveal in each other, or just giggle from giddiness.  Trust me, it will be a moment that you will remember forever!

P.S. - Granted, Mr. Big and I would need the supersized version because he is so tall - but I would die to have an intimate spot like this to share with him.

~ Ciao

...image via tiny white daisies & tent made by little by jenny on etsy


  1. Love this...so sweet! I def stress this to all brides and grooms to take a moment together alone. <3 Great tip!

  2. Love this! This teepee is the coziest spot to enjoy the moment!

  3. I have a friend that makes these... any size or colour you would like, she hand dyes the fabric and makes them on an antique treadle sewing machine! They are gorgeous... she gets me to embroider on them sometimes and we have come up with some really unique pieces... you can find them here:


    The link to her tipis page isn't working, but if you leave a message on her blog or email she will get back to you I'm sure :)

  4. such an important, important thing to do!

  5. i love the idea of escaping with your sweetheart for a giggle in that adorable tent!

  6. That is just so charming.... and such a lovely idea!!

  7. Great idea but I wouldn't mind curling up in that teepee any day of the year!