~ tuesday thought: simple syrup ~

How pretty are these bottles...
The bottles of syrup (yes, that's what they are filled with...I don't know what kind or if they are simple syrups though), variety of colors, and simple label are so pretty when grouped together don't you think?

And of course it got me thinking...as usual...syrup and simple...hmmmm!  So here is your Tuesday Thought:   Why not make simple syrup as favors for your guests?  With so many couples choosing one cocktail (or even creating one) for their wedding day...why not choose one that involves simple syrup?  Simple syrup is just sugar and water...here is a recipe from Martha Stewart...but there are tons out there to choose from with some lasting up to a month or more. 

I found a list of 209 cocktails that are made with simple syrup and the recipes for them right here.  There are even some non-alcoholic ones on that list too.  And I am sure there are lots of others that you can find on the www.

Once made simple syrup looks almost clear with just a hint of color...I'm sure you have mixed water and sugar together...well that's the color.  You can also make infused simple syrup with flavors such as lemon, lime, blood orange, strawberry, blueberry, peach, mint, thyme, cinnamon, etc... and some of these would add some color!  Here is a short article with lots of suggestions and how to's...and other ways to use simple syrups like on top of pancakes and waffles or ice cream...yum!

For the favors, however, I would pour the syrups into pretty bottles, add a sprig of mint, lavender or whatever is fitting, and attach a recipe card and a note saying something like...thanks for celebrating in our union/love...here's to you celebrating yours or find the time in the next week to celebrate yours...you get the idea!  Simple right?  Of course you could wrap the bottles in fabric or place into bags...or use a wide ribbon around the middle and adhere the recipe on a card to it...and on and on...just some thoughts for you!


~ Ciao

...photography annika vannerus


  1. great ideas kristi!! i love the idea of the infused simple syrup

  2. Ok, THIS, this is fantastic, Kristi.