~ something blue: flower brooch ~

How about this stunner for your something blue...
Something Blue
I am over the moon about Elva Fields necklaces! I can't believe I haven't shared her with you before now...as I have done a couple posts about here on my other blog, luna and chloe.  So sorry for holding out on you!

What I love about her necklaces are that they are made from vintage jewelry - usually necklaces and brooches that she puts together to create a one of a kind piece.  And what bride wouldn't want to wear a one of a kind piece on her wedding day!?!  And because I love her bling sooo much, here are a couple of other options that would be amazing to wear for the big day...
Perfect for the laid back but still need some bling bride.
I think this would be fabulous to wear at a rustic, country or garden wedding.
This last one is ideal for the beach!  And if you really want to take it up a notch you must have a look-see at her more colorful necklaces...swoon. 

P.S. - I will warn you now...when you check out her site you just might want to buy them all!

~ Ciao

...image via elva fields


  1. love the one with river stones and rhinestones, a perfect paradox.

  2. Oh my GAAAAAHHHH I am dying over that last one. It's gorgeous! I adore the colors. Adore. Thank you for sharing these!!!!!

  3. I'm with you Alison... the last one is AMAZING! Yummy post Kristi!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. HA! I think we share a brain - I was going to post these necklaces as a follow up to my bridesmaid dress post last week. Love them!